Submit Music

Cecilia’s List is a website to promote sacred music composed by women and members of other under-represented communities.

There are a couple of ways you can submit music to Cecilia’s List.

One way is to send a list of your sacred works to kathryn [at] ceciliaslist [dot] org. Be sure to include somehwere that people can purchase or download your score, or a url for them to contact you if that’s necessary to get hold of it! In general the more information you can give, the better. The closer your information is to the form below, the easier it will be for me to process. Please feel free to send perusal scores for any work that you can’t link to a recording of. I won’t leak them, but I do need to get an idea of what your piece is like! The more of the information from the form below you can include, the easier my work will be.

Another option is to fill out the form below with details for each piece. Please don’t use this form if you just want to contact me: there is a contact page for that! You can also use that page to let me know about composing competitions, new work premieres, concerts and other projects.

You don’t have to be the composer to fill out the form.

In all cases, please be patient: I’m just one human being, and it takes time to read and listen to a lot of music.

Orazio Gentileschi & Giovanni Lanfranco - Santa Cecilia con un angelo (National Gallery of Art)