Music suitable for Lent:


  • Ferrari, Carlotta. Fecisti nos ad te.

    Words by Augustine of Hippo. Latin, SA or TB, instrumental drone, 2:00, easy to medium difficulty. [Download from CPDL] [Listen (Youtube)]

  • Leonarda, Isabella. Ave Regina Coelorum.

    Latin, ATTB with optional basso continuo, 2:40-4:00, medium difficulty. [Download from CPDL [Listen (Youtube)] Marian antiphon sung from Candlemas to Holy Week.

  • Martin, Stephanie. Sicut Cervus.

    Latin, SATB, 1:37, medium difficulty. [Order from Cypress Choral Music] [Listen (Soundcloud)] Psalm 42.

  • Martin, Stephanie. Hear My Prayer.

    English, SATB with soprano divisi, 3:55, challenging. [Order from Cypress Choral Music] [Listen (Soundcloud)] Psalm 102.

  • Phillips, Sheena. Love Triptych.

    Words by Anonymous — medieval. English, SATB with divisi, 6:30, challenging. Purchase score and listen to a sample at Lorenz. The first movement, Bliss (2m00s), sings of Jesus as “my heart’s love” and is suitable for quite general use as an anthem. The third movement, A Greater Love (3m15s), is particularly suitable as a communion or Lenten anthem. The work as a whole is most suitable for Lent.

  • Phillips, Sheena. Lead Me to the Rock.

    Words by Sheena Phillips, based on Psalm 61. English, SAB, optional congregational singing part, piano, ‘cello obligato; c. 5 minutes, easy to medium difficulty. [Perusal score] [Video (Facebook)] Commissioned by a campus area United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio which uses a blended worship style (a mixture of conventional anthems and contemporary praise songs). Includes a simple ostinato that the congregation can join in.

  • Williams, Helen. Thus Far Did I Come.

    Words by John Bunyan. English, SATB, 1:30, medium to challenging difficulty. [Listen and download at Canossa] In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian carries a burden on his back until he sees the cross of Jesus. The burden falls off and Christian sings these words.


  • Rose, Kathryn. The Contrite Heart.

    Words by William Cowper. English, SATB, West Gallery accompaniment or keyboard instrument, hymn, Common Metre, 6 verses, easy. [Download from CPDL] Available in a simple metrical hymn version, or a version for choir with staggered entries in the second half.