…and we’re off!



All systems are go! Well, very nearly.

I’m still editing the pages for Eucharist and Evensong, but as of 00.01 on 22nd November, the pages for Advent, Christmas, Easter and Lent are live! Do have a look around, and let me know what you think.

I am starting small with this so there are only a handful of composers so far, but I’ll be adding new music every week.

Addendum: As of 00:55, Eucharist and Evensong are live too. I’m tired enough to be making really silly mistakes, but tomorrow I’ll do some posts featuring some of my favourite music from this first selection, highlight some other initiatives that are relevant to women in church music, and maybe even make some silly pictures.

3 thoughts on “…and we’re off!

  1. Great work, and I’m thrilled to be listed. But I’ve seen a typo! Hope it wasn’t my fault, but the title of the first piece linked on the Christmas page should be A Christmas Carol, not What Child Is This? (I believe I did also send you What Child Is This?)

    1. Typo is fixed now. And yes — you sent me “What Child Is this?” but I’m trying to stick to compositions rather than arrangements for the time being. At some point I’ll be converting my tiny little database to something with a bit of welly behind it, at which point I may well include arrangements too, so it’s good that I have the information.

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